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As if to think that was it. We are back doing another show. Oh, have I told you my debut single is out on 10th May 2020 via digital download .............


So from a very young age, I knew I wanted to perform in some sort of context, I remember as a kid working my charm, collecting glasses at my uncle's wedding while looking pretty hot in a velvet two-piece at the age of 6 I knew I would be an entertainer one day. Growing up with my mum who was like superwomen and my hero. My dad. Not forgetting the two older sisters, was an experience. I was also the magicians assistant and never the headliner! Being sawn in half and placed in a trunk to vanish was also the highlight of a dull and wet Wednesday with Claire and Vicky.

 Singing in talent competitions was a way of life as a teenager, winning trophy’s and holidays was great until my parents both said we could go back to another Butlins holiday camp again. So then I decided to set my goals on TV. Auditions after Auditions until I was cast as a regular “Grover” in the hit Children's TV show Byker Grove. I then went on to film a series of Harry with the late Michael Elphick which was based in Darlington.

 After many shows as a teenager professional and amateur on the TV & stage, I decided to pack up and leave home for my home town of Liverpool. This is where I decided to leave the glitz and glam of show business and ventured out to work to earn some money.

 I travelled the north-west singing in pubs and clubs for many years and one day I decided enough was enough. I put the microphone back in its box and no longer was I waiting for the new backing track from “Ameritz”.

 It wasn’t until I got my passion back and set out to try and changes the lives of children. I set up James Lee Theatre School. I spent many nights worrying over how the money was coming in to fund lavish shows and costumes but also found a great set of people who also shared the same passion.


I have also starred in a fly on the wall one-off pilot docusoap about a “Lifeguard” who couldn’t swim called Bernard in which I was nominated for a CO-OP Comedy award in which I won back in 2012.

​I would then personally like to thank my beautiful husband who from the minute he saw me believed in me and who still tells me to this day. “ I love you because you’re a faff!”

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